An adventure week in Ranua’s breathtakingly beautiful nature

Come and enjoy Lapland’s magnificent Arctic nature in Ranua! Enjoy the exhilarating drive over ice-covered lakes and through snowy forests. Experience the genuine lifestyle of the old days on a reindeer safari. Feel the unbroken tranquillity and purity of Arctic nature. Spend a “day off” visiting, for example, the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, or wandering at leisure, experiencing the greatness of nature.

DAY 1:

Arrival at Rovaniemi Airport, from where we’ll transport you to Ranua. Let our guide tell you about your week’s programme. Enjoy a delicious dinner, and spend the night in one of Holiday Village Gulo Gulo’s unique apartments.

DAY 2:

Join us for a visit to Ranua Wildlife Park. Meet the 50-plus Arctic animal species that live in the park in their authentic living environment. Ranua Wildlife Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern Finland. Check out the shops in the park for souvenirs. Enjoy delicious dinner in Wildlife Park restaurant.

DAY 3:

Let our experienced guide give you driving instructions for driving a snowmobile, and tell you about the relevant safety issues. Driving is easy – even for beginners! Then it’s time to start your snowmobile and set out with us, two people on each snowmobile, on a journey over the ice-covered lakes and through the snowy forests. After a two-hour drive we will reach our destination. Before heading back to Ranua on the snowmobiles, taste the unique atmosphere of a wintry picnic and enjoy a light lunch in a lean-to, built on the lake shore. The whole trip will take four hours. Enjoy delicious dinner in Wildlife Park restaurant.

DAY 4:

The “day off” day of our safari. Try out cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or just wander at leisure, enjoying nature. Or feel free to purchase some of our additional activities, we have a wide range of safaris available! Enjoy delicious dinner in Wildlife Park restaurant.

DAY 5:

This day is the hightlight for many people! Let our husky guide instruct you on how to steer the sled and get to know the good-natured huskies, which will be your dog sled team. Enjoy the exhilarating ride on a dog sled, and after the safari learn about life on a husky farm. Enjoy the delicious dinner in Wildlife park restaurant.

DAY 6:

Join us for snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm. Get to know the reindeer and learn about reindeer management on the farm. Enjoy reindeer ride in the forest (one to two people in the sleigh), and lunch in a Lappish hut. After an eventful day, return with us to the Holiday Village by snowmobile. Enjoy the delicious dinner and have a good night’s sleep.

DAY 7:

After breakfast, we’ll transport you to Rovaniemi Airport.

The order of the individual activities during the activity week is subject to change.


Price: €1150 per person

Duration: Seven days, six nights

Schedule: Weekly, from 10 January to 24 April (from Sunday to Saturday)

Group size: two to eight people

Important: The minimum age for a snowmobile driver is 16 years (you will need a valid driving licence for vehicles with at least 125 cc).
The snowmobiles we use on our safaris are Lynx 550 cc.

The price includes transportation, accommodation in the high-quality apartments, dinners, equipment (overalls, woolen socks, mittens, helmet cap, scarf, shoes), a visit to a reindeer farm, 2 hour husky safari, 4 hour snowmobile safari, snowshoes for a day, tickets to the wildlife park, insurance for the snowmobile (deductible €550 per crash).