Bright summer nights’ safari

Many animals become active at night-time, when they start looking for food. The bright summer nights’ safari takes you on a guided tour to the Wildlife Park outside opening hours. You’ll have the chance to enjoy a unique experience: Observing wild animals in the bright summer night of Lapland!

The safari includes feeding the animals and relaxing by the fire after the tour. Our guide fries sausages and makes coffee on an open fire for you to enjoy.

Accommodation at Holiday Village Gulo Gulo. Check-in before the safari.


Price: Adult €140/night, children €120/night

Availability: May–August

Duration: Programme 3 hours + accommodation in Holiday Village Gulo Gulo.

The price includes accommodation, guide, snacks, transport, insurance, breakfast and VAT. An additional fee of €48/person for transport Rovaniemi–Ranua–Rovaniemi.